Why domicile your company in a coworking space?

The domiciliation of companies is a service offered by many coworking spaces and business centers. It is above all an essential legal tool that allows you to benefit from a registration number in the Trade and Companies Register. It concerns more particularly the head office of a company and also allows to benefit from a permanent address aiming at developing the brand image and the credibility of the company. But why choose to domicile your company in a third party space and how to choose the right place to domicile your company? Here are some answers.

What is the domiciliation of a company?

Corporate domiciliation consists of assigning a postal address and a location to a company’s headquarters. This is the administrativefiscal and legal address of a company, which appears on all professional documents of the company. This procedure is essential to register a company, and is governed by the decree n° 85-1280 of July 5, 1985.

The domiciliation can be done :

  • at the company’s head office (the place where the power is exercised may be different from the address where the activity is carried out)
  • at the home of the company’s director
  • in the company’s own premises
  • in a shared office
  • within a domiciliation company or coworking space

Why is it important to domicile your company?

The location is strategic as you will have understood, since it represents the reference address of the company. The domiciliation of companies is also not to make visible its personal address and preserve its private sphere.

Moreover, one of the other advantages of the company domiciliation is the substantial saving of costs. Indeed, if you decide to domicile your company in a coworking space for example, you will benefit from a quality address at a lower cost, without having to rent an office or a commercial space. In addition, you will save the business property tax (CFE ) which is the equivalent of the housing tax for individuals.

Finally, domiciling your company in an annexed structure will allow you in many cases to have access to many additional services such as: mail and parcel management, telephone switchboards, access to meeting and coworking spaces… An advantageous solution not only for start-ups and freelancers.

How to register your company ?

In principle, it is quite simple to register your company in a coworking space. Some coworking brands offer to do it directly online from their website. However, according to the legislation in force, this step must be the subject of a contract between the domiciled company and the domiciliator. To register your company online, just a few simple steps:

  • Go to the website of a domiciliation company or the chosen coworking space;
  • Transmit the information about the company;
  • Transmit the supporting documents in digital format;
  • Sign the generated domiciliation contract.
  • Provide, at the time of registration, the contract or the certificate of domiciliation.

We hope to have convinced you of the merits of domiciling your company in a coworking space. And if you ever wish to benefit from a personalized help in the search of your coworking spaces, do not hesitate to let us know about your office search.

Source: https://workin.space/en/news/why-domicile-your-company-in-a-coworking-space

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